About Us


What characteristics make YOU stand out in YOUR industry?

Experience?  Hard Work?  Dedication?  Customer Service? Attention to Detail?


If this describes YOU,  WE have a LOT in common!

Hi, my name is Melanie Joy.  I am the founder of BrandandBurn .  Prior to launching BrandandBurn in the Fall of 2019, I was an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Executives and a Board Liason in a variety of industries for over 25 years!
As an E.A., I was often tasked to identify corporate gifts that would convey a positive message about our company to customers and staff. Often, the search was overwhelming.  Perusing through catalog page after page of cheap, gimmicky bulk items that I knew would NOT represent our brand.  And, did I mention I served under some of the most successful CEO's in the industry who set the "bar" very high and expected nothing but the BEST at ALL times?!?
I am so incredibly grateful for my time in corporate america and for the executives I supported throughout my 25 years for expecting nothing but the best...because I , in turn, learned to deliver nothing but the best!

Allow ME to Help YOU put the finishing touches on your positive lasting impression with your customers!  Check out our Industry Collections and select a beautiful gift that not only conveys your appreciation for your customer's business, but also represents YOU in a positive way!

Afterall, YOU'VE already done all of the hardwork:)


Melanie Joy